Get the Support You Need

to Say Yes to the Hidden Resources Available to You Right Now ... 
Because You Have Great Work to Do in This Life and
You Trust Yourself to Live in Integrity With Money 

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Create the Life & Income You TRULY Desire. Discover What It Means to Have Enough and Cure Your "Money Dysmorphia"...

We Must Not Repeat the Mistakes Made During the Great Depression and the Last Great Recession.

Our next great economic shift is coming, and we all must be prepared. The Enough Course contains my most powerful teachings to help you navigate the shifting tides, so you can be prepared by
healing your relationship with your resources, especially money, for good.

This is what I mean by Enough… Enough is not about settling, or just getting by. It’s about living with the personal fulfillment that comes from knowing you’ve made great decisions with what you do have, and are creating a life of meaning and fulfillment with your resources.

Enough means knowing what you have available to you to live into your highest purpose and potential, beyond the distortion of Money Dysmorphia, or any feeling as if you are compromising for or because of money, so you can make clean and clear decisions. For yourself and for the world.  

When you see the roots of scarcity and where it shows up in your family line, you’ll understand so much about your life, and be able to clearly what you do have, including all of your hidden resources, without distortion… 

Once you see what you really do have, you can start to make wise decisions about how to create the life you want, using your resources with confidence. 

It’s time to stop the wasted energy that comes with trying to manage all of your resources in your head, alone, and without the clarity of even being able to see what you really have. 

The Enough Course will get you clear on your next step, from a place of knowing exactly where you are now, and that you do have exactly what you need to take the very next step on your path, powerfully.   

You have everything you need right now to create a life of empowered sovereignty, in which you know how to use what you have to create what you want, each step of the way...

The reason the work and process of “Enough” is so incredibly effective is that it allows you to see decisions you are making from a place of fear, greed, or scarcity (much of which you may not even be able to see right now) and shift to Eyes Wide Open decision-making from a foundation of Enough. 

And, with the practical tools you need to not just have a mindset shift, but to take the practical actions you need to live into Enough: time, energy and attention AND money. 

But, we need to act together, now.

And when you enroll in the Enough Course Now, 

You’ll be deeply supported to:

  • Understand the real economics of money, so you can make great decisions and be fully prepared for the coming economic shift. Now is the time for you to get financially literate.
  • ​Release any guilt arising from being someone who has resources when so many are facing significant challenges ... your privilege is a GIFT, let's ensure you are using it wisely.
  • Step into Empowered Sovereignty with your resources so you can powerfully and confidently create the future you want from a place of awareness.
  • ​You’ll understand your current relationship with money at a deeper level, and see if it has been unconsciously rooting you in patterns that do not serve you or the people around you. This understanding is vital to you shifting your relationship with your resources to support your authentic needs and desires, and for you to be able to support those around you as well.
  • You’ll complete the Enough Course with a powerful new mindset… the mindset and seeing of a Creator of the Economy. The mindset of a person who sees the opportunities and possibilities clearly and can choose which direction to go with confidence … and embody the evolutionary meaning of… ENOUGH. And, you'll have the PRACTICAL TOOLS you need to truly live into ENOUGH once and for all ... ENOUGH Time, Energy, Attention and Money. It's all here for you.

Here's What Others ARe SAying ..

"GREAT. Though I've taken dozens of "self-growth/business/spiritual" courses over the years this one, like all, is beautifully unique, but in a way that puts it ahead of many. Pushing my edges (safely and loving)... inspiring me to create deeper connections, and realigning me with my resources and needs. I'm feeling like this needs to be taught more, feeling into if I'm the right person for that. It feels selfish to keep it to myself. Grateful you decided to re-launch and share it."

Joel Sprechman

Here’s how it works… 

You’ll get immediate access to all 11 modules of the Enough Course and the accompanying exercises over plus the use of the Wealth, Credit & Liquidity Assessment (a powerful tool to show you what you do have) + the online Money Map Tool (a web application to guide you into right relationship with time, money and how you get paid), all of which support you into
highly practical inquiry and deep insight and clarity. 

"She is truly brilliant at helping entrepreneurs design high income businesses, without giving up their heart or values"

Kendall SummerHawk
Million Dollar Marketing Coach

"Trained lawyer, a killer business strategist and a successful online and offline marketer all rolled into one beautiful and authentic person!"

Lisa Sasevich
Queen of Sales Conversion,

"What opened up for me most in the Enough Course, is the idea of investing in myself, so that I will be of greatest value "no matter what"

Michelle Atlas